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Birthdate:Jul 10
Location:United States of America

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afi, alkaline trio, ani difranco, bill nye, billie piper, bipolar, bipolar 2, bisexual, blood, body modification, bondage, books, buffalo, camp seven hills, checking aim away messages, christopher eccleston, chuck palahniuk, cit helpdesk, claiming of sleeping beauty, coheed and cambria, college, computers, daleks, dance dance revolution, danny elfman, daria, david tennant, delaware park, depression, doctor who, donnie darko, dorks, douglas adams, dr who, dresden dolls, edward scissorhands, emo, erotica, experiments, fanfic, fight club, freedom of choice, geeks, gir, goddesses, good charlotte, grave robber, graverobber, greenwich village, harry potter, hedonism, honesty, hoodies, hugging, hugs, hypomania, imaginary people, individuality, invader zim, jack skellington, jhonen vasquez, jimmy eat world, johnny the homocidal maniac, katamari damacy, kingdom of loathing, livejournal, love, lust, manhattan, masochism, meditation, mythbusters, new york city, nightmare before christmas, pain, paperclips, photography, piercings, play piercing, playing with fire, pleasure, poetry, polyamory, procrastination, pyromania, reading, reagan suicide, repo, repo opera, repo! the genetic opera, righteous babe records, rocky horror picture show, rose tyler, school, sci-fi, science, sex, shiny things, snow, storms, submission, suicide boys, suicide girls, suny at buffalo, tardis, tattoos, terrance zdunich, the internet, thinking, tim burton, time travel, torchwood, university at buffalo, university heights, vampires, vibrators, washington square park, western new york

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